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Business In Russia: How To Protect Your Business

Business in Russia: how to protect your business

Business in Russia: working with documents is the key to a stable business

The lack of discipline in working with documents will sooner or later be the cause of financial losses in business in Russia up to the closing of a company, bankruptcy, or even getting the company owner into debt bondage.

Doing business in Russia

Judge for yourself. Every day, any businessman does business with his partners: he sells something, produces,  buys, supplies, renders a service, and so on. And I have a question for you: “Do you document each stage of your relationship with your partners? Do you sign contracts, invoice for payment, issue invoices, sign an act of acceptance or transfer of goods or works?” Some entrepreneurs in Russia do not do it, while unscrupulous partners use it. As an example, such partners can receive your product or service and demand their money back as unjust enrichment. This may seem incredible, then go to the bank of the Arbitration Court’s decisions and see for yourself.

In order not to get into an unpleasant situation, it is enough to prepare document templates for working with customers, suppliers, and employees. This simple step will bring stability and confidence in your business in Russia.

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