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Fraudsters Online Dating Sites In Russia: The Real Scheme Of Deception

Fraudsters online dating sites in Russia: the real scheme of deception

My last video was devoted to Online Dating Scams. I concerned the four ways to help you not to lose your money. This time I want to tell you about one more scheme of fraud, which is used by fraudsters. One foreigner living in Europe got caught by scammers from Russia. He lost about 15,000 euros. I am currently helping him get his money back. I am sure you will be interested to learn about the new scheme of fraudsters.

Thus, the key to any fraudulent scheme is getting money. I will tell you about how the scammer manages to convince you to send him money. It is clear that few people just take and send money for parole. That is why the offender must gain the confidence, that is, make the victim believe in the story. They use any means to gain the money. In the case I mentioned above, the scammers gave passport information to get money. If a person sends or receives the money through the bank, he needs a real passport. The person arrives at the remittance office with his passport. An employee of the organization checks the passport of the visitor and, if everything is alright, he gives out money. You ask me: «Where is the fraud? This person is very easy to install and search». My client and I thought the same thing.

We turned to the law enforcement. The police went to the person’s address. As a result, it turned out that there was no such house at the indicated address. After further investigation, it turned out that the person had withdrawn money in a different region in different banks. But there was more to come, the police could not identify the person on the passport. We were told that such a person did not exist. It can be assumed that the passport was fake. But these same scammers provided not only their passport details, but other documents as well: driving license with photo, banking documents, a debt receipt, which were notarized. All these documents also turned out to be fake. But the most interesting thing is that the scammers provided photos and videos of a beautiful girl. The girl wanted to meet a man – a foreigner, and therefore sent him a great amount of her photos and video messages. It was not possible to identify the girl’s personality from the photo.

It follows from all of the above that fraudsters are excellent psychologists. They are ready to use any tricks, they perfectly create the illusion that their story is absolutely true. Well, judge for yourself, money is transferred upon the presentation of a passport, what kind of deception it can be. Even I, being a lawyer, would believe. On the other hand, the other provided documents were definitely not real. When I say “definitely”, I mean as a lawyer. There are certain nuances that professional lawyers pay attention to.

Anyway, I do not understand what is the point in transferring a large amount of money to a girl from a dating site, if you can come to Russia from anywhere in the world for seventeen thousand euro. Do not transfer money if you are not completely confident in the person you communicate with. Offer an option that you will arrive soon. After these words, look at the reaction of the talker. If the person avoids this development in all possible ways, then this is a signal for you. Try to talk on the video link. If your partner asks for money in debt, contact a Russian lawyer. A Russian lawyer knows the nuances of national legislation and will help you not to lose your money. Well, the best advice is not to give money at all.

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