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How To Avoid Online Dating Scams In Russia

How to avoid Online Dating Scams in Russia

There are many different websites on the Internet where a foreigner can meet a girl from Russia: dating sites, social networks, marriage agency sites, and many many others. Girls are looking for foreigners for serious relationships, flirting, friendship, communication, but how to appreciate that the communication takes place with a sincere girl, and not with a crook. After all, you, foreigners, not only take the risk of wasting your time, but also money, and sometimes personal information. There are four ways to understand that you are communicating with a fraudster. That is what we will talk about today.

I feel like starting with an obvious fact. Sure, there are scammers on the Internet whose goals are your money. You do forget about it especially when you see a photo of a beautiful Russian girl. If you decide to go to a dating site, then you do need to understand that not all profiles belong to real people.

Unfortunately, the second fact is not so obvious as the first one. Fraudsters are developing ingenious schemes to seize your money. To be honest, I am pretty surprised at how original their ideas are. I will prepare an extra material about it soon. Now I am on the point of advising you one trick to which I resort myself.

If you realize that something strange is happening, then just take a piece of paper and start recording your actions step by step. At the same time ask yourself the questions: what a candidate wants from me, what I want, what proof I have, whether the candidate is telling the truth. If you do need to find the answer to some questions for yourself, a couple of days will be enough to find the answer. It is important to take away the emotions to make a decision keeping the cold head. Thirdly, fraudsters do hide their identity. For example, they communicate only by e-mail, avoid talking on the phone, web cameras, never set their real photos. Try to find out as much information as possible that will allow you to identify your candidate. Remember, a person with sincere intentions has no reason to hide her identity.

Last but not least, it is money, despite I am telling about it in the end of my talk. If your candidate tells you some plausible story that she urgently needs some money, then you should stop your communication for a while. It’s time to take a piece of paper about which I have mentioned above, and ask yourself the questions.

Ask yourself some more questions: why your candidate needs money; if she could meet without money; probably, it makes sense to meet in her city. No doubt, a matter of money is always the main point in all fraudulent schemes. And in this case you need to be extremely careful.

There are many honest girls in Russia who want to meet and start a family, but you should not forget that there are scammers on the Internet. You should be vigilant against crooks.

I hope that all the information, mentioned above, will be useful for you.

I fancy knowing your opinion. Have you ever come across a scam on the Internet? What can you advise not to fall into the hands of scammers on the Internet?

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