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Possible Legal Consequences For A Foreigner In Russia

Possible legal consequences for a foreigner in Russia

The purpose of this article is to tell about the possible consequences for a foreigner who came to Russia. If a man, a foreign citizen, has a legal civil dispute with a woman, a citizen of Russia, it is obvious to assume she will protect her rights and take some actions. Your job is to be prepared for her possible steps and to take preventive measures.

Let’s consider a situation. A married couple has a joint child. The husband is a citizen of Turkey and his wife is a Russian citizen. The family lives in Turkey. Due to the family discord, the wife goes with the child to Russia without the consent of the spouse. The husband wants his child and wife come back, and he travels to Russia. What may happen to him there?

A border arrest and a ban to leave the territory of Russia

The wife may apply to the court for alimony from her husband, a Turkish citizen. This decision will have legal effect only on the territory of the Russian Federation, but the amount of alimony will increase. By the way, the amount of the debt of a child support can be significant, especially if it includes the interest. If the debtor does not pay the child support, his departure from Russia may be restricted in accordance with Article 67 of the Federal Law “On Enforcement Proceedings”. The Russian court practice already knowns similar examples. The foreigners either paid the debt, or applied to the court to challenge the border arrest.

A foreign travel ban for a minor child

Even if there is no foreign travel ban for a foreign citizen, the wife can easily apply to the FMS (Federal Migration Service) for imposing the prohibitive injunction for the child to leave Russia in accordance with the Article 20 of the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Exit from the Russian Federation and Entry into the Russian Federation”. This means that the father cannot take the child home to the country of residence.

An expulsion from Russia and a ban to enter Russia

Because of the ignorance of the Russian domestic laws, a different mentality, and belonging to different cultures, a foreign citizen may violate the rules of stay on the territory of Russia. This may lead to administrative or even criminal liability. A foreign citizen can be deported from Russia and be prohibited to enter its territory for five years.

In fact, all of the above is an extreme measure. But it does not mean that there is no need to know it. The most important is to approach any case wisely and to protect your rights in accordance with the law.

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