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The Child Can Sue The Parents And Collect Child Support For Himself In Russia

The child can sue the parents and collect child support for himself in Russia

Child sues parents

Minor children have rights. The legal consciousness of society has reached such a level that a child has a set of rights, and moreover, can defend his interests. This was not the case before.

My childhood was in the 90s. I remember my school years and my relationship with adults very well. The German teacher could take by the hair and start dragging. The labor teacher threw tools at us in this way. No one even thought to go to the police or complain anywhere. And to complain about parents or sue them – it was not even considered. But time does not standstill.

The child will protect himself from his parents

Children are our everything. According to the new concept of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, children and the family are placed at the forefront. As follows from the current legislation, children are endowed with a large number of rights. The right to education, upbringing, care, love, material support, and so on. First of all, their parents should realize the rights of children.

If the parents (or one of the parents) abuse their rights? In this case, the child at any age has the right to file a complaint with the guardianship and guardianship authorities. Also, the child can complain to any officials (for example, a teacher at a school) who are required to report violations to the guardianship and guardianship authorities.

According to part 2 of article 56 of the RF IC, the Child has the right to protection from abuse by parents (persons replacing them). In case of violation of the rights and legitimate interests of the child, including in case of failure or improper fulfillment by the parents (one of them) of the duties of raising, educating the child, or in case of abuse of parental rights, the child has the right to independently apply for their protection to the guardianship and guardianship authority.

The child’s right to go to court

If all of the above was new information for you, then there is even more interesting. From the moment a child turns 14, he can independently sue his parents. In court, a child can demand from his parents the proper fulfillment of their parental responsibilities, including the payment of alimony.

The practice is already taking shape

There are already articles on the Internet in which journalists describe situations when children file complaints against their parents. And it seems to me that there is a shift in the consciousness of a new generation. Now children are aware of their rights at school and behave accordingly. Also, a modern child knows about his rights with his parents. More importantly, they are aware of their parents’ responsibilities.

The right to your opinion

It is legally stipulated that a child has his own opinion and he has the right to express it. No, this rule of law (Article 57 of the RF IC) is not declarative. If the child is ten years old, the judge or official is obliged to take the child’s opinion into account when deciding the issue. Moreover, from the age of ten, the child’s consent is needed to change the name or surname, for adoption, and so on.

I am sure that you are asking the question: “What about the responsibilities of children?” My answer is that there are no norms in the Family Code of the Russian Federation that would directly establish the responsibilities of children.

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